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Mobile Educational Presentations

Are you a school/kid's camp or just want something fun and unique to do while vacationing on Maui?

Our mobile educational exhibits are becoming increasingly popular.

In the last month alone we have been able to educate over 200 keiki not only on how to raise butterflies but also how to feed butterflies and have fun with butterflies-

Meet the butterflies up-close and personal.

Learn all about the life cycle of the butterfly from egg to caterpillar to pupae to adult butterfly.

Have the opportunity to be able to touch and see what butterflies are all about!

Have the chance to let a caterpillar crawl up your arm!

Learn how to feed a butterfly and then try it yourself.

Wailuku Union Preschool, Maui, Hawaii

We will also bring our fabulous butterfly screened tent. The children get to go inside, visit and handle the butterflies and even try to feed them.

A great hit with all kids, particularly preschoolers and younger children under the age of eight!

Wailuku Union Preschool, Maui, Hawaii

Rates are just $300 for two hours (which covers approx 40 children= $7 per child) and includes our "butterfly tent" and various types of butterfly eggs ,chrysalis and caterpillars to amuse and entertain the kids for many hours as well as a "caterpillar craft" for each individual child to make.

To book an educational presentation please fill out the form on the contact us webpage.